Saturday, July 21, 2007

Beyond the Dream at Halle Ravine

Beyond the Dream

We went to Halle Ravine today. It's a former Nature Conservancy site that was transferred to the Pound Ridge Land Conservancy a few years ago. It's a magical place. Good thing so few people read my blog (as far as I can tell), otherwise the place might get trampled.

Everyone had a great time. We saw: A Crane (it was it a Heron?), some large light colored raptor (it was making a lot of noise, and then I finally saw it flying, must have had a 3.5 foot wingspan), a Northern Ringneck Snake, some giant moth I have yet to identify, some Lingzhi, and a lot of other neat stuff.

The weather was wonderful too. Click through below for larger sizes and more images from today. It was a great day to have a camera.

Northern Ringneck Snake

Unkown Moth


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