Friday, February 15, 2008

Saint Valentine's Moon

Saint Valentine's Moon

1/400 @ ISO 800

I finally got a chance last night to use my Orion Starmax 127 as a lens on my Canon EOS 40D, in a manner that delivered good results.

The Starmax 127 has a 127mm aperture, and a 1540mm focal length. This gives an F ratio of 1:12.1. It's rather slow, hence the ISO 800. I had the setup not on the telescope's tripod, but rather on my Manfrotto 725B Digi. It's a bit too small for this application, but a lot more convenient than the 'scope's 'pod.

So, it was very shaky, and focusing was challenging. I used live view, which helped immensely, but the end result is a bit softer than what I think is possible with this combo. Perhaps I'll have better luck on the larger tripod. If the weather cooperates, I hope to get out with that for the upcoming Lunar Eclipse on February 20.