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Street Madness

I was on the move today. From Bronxville to Brewster, with lunch in Mount Kisco, and a short walk in Katonah. I had some time for street shooting along the way. I'm getting so fired up for warm weather with people on the streets! Anyway, below are three keepers from today. Click through any of them to my Zooomr site, and you can find a few more.

As always, your kind comments are appreciated. I'm always looking for street photo critiques especially. Thanks!

Public Parking

Off Kilter

Cold Friday

Friday, February 13, 2009

On The Street

The season approaches...that time of year when you can find people on the street in my little town...I'm addicted to photography...and within that, I've become addicted to street photography. Today was a good day for it. I have so much yet to learn about it. Henri Cartier-Bresson is my street hero. I have to read his books. Again.

Anyhow..I got a few good ones today, in my humble opinion..I'd like some feedback on my street style. Thanks!

Complex Countenance at a Crosswalk

Alley View


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The Best Eight Dollars I Ever Spent

Hess Station Moment

This image was taken from the hip, so to speak, with my Olympus 28mm F/3.5 lens adapted to my Canon 40D. I got this little beauty of a lens for $8 on ebay. It's a fantastic lens. Wonderful sharpness, color, and contrast. Yesterday's post was with this lens too. It's so small and light, it's like using a different camera. And it has enormous depth of field. Focused to infinity, I think it's good from about 7 feet out. It's my favorite lens for street photography.

It's 28mm focal length on the 1.6 crop body is equivalent to 45mm on a full frame. Just a tad wider than the traditional "normal" lens. It just feels right. It looks right. It's quickly become one of my very favorite lenses.

What's yours?

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