Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cardinal Hatchling

The weigela in front of our house is host to another cardinal nest this year. We are all hoping this one is not attacked by a raptor. Last year, what was likely a sharp shinned hawk, attacked the nest in the weigela and got away with one of the two young in the nest. 

I saw it happen. The nest was destroyed. We found the other young bird nearby on the lawn. We attempted to put the nest back together so we could put the it back in the bush. But we were not successful. The parents we all a flutter around us. We decided to leave him in an open shoe box near the base of the weigela, and let the parents tend to it. It was fairly well along and likely not far from fledging, so maybe it survived.

Look for future posts as these young ones grow, and hopefully fledge successfully.

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