Saturday, January 29, 2011


My boys and I went to a sledding party this afternoon. Before we left,
we built a sled.

Two old 90 cm Rosignol cross country skis, made for the youngest of
skiers, with a spar between them and a plank of oak plywood for a
seat. In front, an old toy-store snowboard. I had to cut a few inches
off one end; the up-curve would have interfered with the "design". The
slab of pine at the front of the snowboard is for your feet. It allows
a certain amount of steering by bearing down on one side or the other
to twist the snowboard.

On the slope she performed fantastically. Not so much faster than
anything else out there today, but oh, what a ride. Smooth like a
Cadillac, she delivered fun to all who rode her. All I wished for was
a warmer seat!

She held together without fault for the whole sledding session, but by
the end, the skis where getting a bit loose. I did not have time to
epoxy them in place – a future upgrade.

Have you ever built a sled?

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Julie (Okami) said...

How cool! Sounds like you had fun. I've never lived anywhere there was need for a sled. But hills and cardboard work.